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No, it doesn't.

This is something that's been bugging me for a while. Recently, Cartoon Network introduced us to a clip from the upcoming The Powerpuff Girls reboot. My first impressions were at first mixed, and my personal nitpick was towards the character designs. Seeing the bearded character reminded me of watching Clarence. However, the animation itself is fluid and well done. I'm talking about the animation, not the art style. Those two are NOT the same thing, nor have the same definition, and some people treat it as such when they refer to "the animation" of a show.

This is part of the main gripe I have with some of the comments I've seen on this video. I understand that we all have a different point of view, thus we'll have different opinions on how something looks to us. That's completely fine. However, it does bother me that many people as of recently, are complaining that a lot of shows airing today use the exact same art style. Now, I know some people are exaggerating, but are there people who really think this?

To answer this question, I'm not completely sure at this point. For some reason, people tend to blame or joke about CalArts, since a lot of show creators come from there, such as the creators of Regular Show, Gravity Falls, or Adventure Time for example. I even saw a funny gif someone made on tumblr about characters from a few recent cartoons having similar head designs.…

But does that really mean that animation has gotten lazy? NO. 

Now, I will say this, there have been examples of a cartoon show having a very similar art style to another, and this would mostly be due to character designers. For one example, a recent show like Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, had Jhonen Vasquez to do character designs, which is why the characters look like they were from Invader Zim. Heck, many cartoons back in the 90s also had this, a big example being the company Klasky Csupo. It's always been a thing, it's not new.

But, even if a few cartoons today share some similar qualities, like "noodle arms" or thin lines, that doesn't mean every show looks the same. Let's take Cartoon Network for example. Does The Amazing World of Gumball look like Adventure Time? Does Regular Show use the same art style as Uncle Grandpa? NO. I can say that every cartoon looks different. There hasn't been an instance where I couldn't tell one thing from another. 

That's all I wanted to say. This is what I felt like venting about for now.
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Beef! by SB99stuff
From the Dave the Barbarian episode "Beef!", where Candy becomes strong after eating magic broccoli.
Dip and Mab by SB99stuff
Dip and Mab
The Pines Twins as the Sandler twins. Because I like messing with people sometimes. I'm kidding!
Dolly Gopher by SB99stuff
Dolly Gopher
From Out of Jimmy's Head. I don't remember much of this short-lived series, but she was cute to draw.
Suggestion Box: Female Cartoon Characters with weight gain.
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Hey did you have any plains on drawing any characters from The Lion Guard?
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Ever play any Humongous Entertainment games as a kid?
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Hey Scotty, I had a wild idea for the next time you're drawing up nostalgia :)

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I did hear of that. ^^
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Looks like it was destined to be something good, eh?
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